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Super Siblings
SuperSiblings is a UK Registered Charity - Number: 1181061
SuperSiblings is a UK Registered Charity - Number: 1181061

Our Team v2

Our Team

The people behind Super Siblings are what makes it such a special place to be. Meet our team of fully qualified and incredibly passionate trustees and volunteers.

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What our volunteers say

  • “My experience volunteering with Super Siblings has been so worth while and often heart warming. I felt a sense of pride and honor to be able to offer these friendly and very special siblings just a little bit of my time. This truly is a much needed organisation spearheaded by Sophie Smart whose warmth, passion and care for these children, their families and her volunteers is second to none.” Margaret Corke

    Margaret Corke
  • “Being apart of Super Siblings has been the best yet. Seeing all the children mature and develop in so many ways, seeing how thier confidence has grown watching them all make new positive friendships is just amazing. Being able to continue my volunteering role will give me great pleasure to watch these children grow even further”

    Jasmin Bailey
  • Hi, I’m Sally and I’m a professional photographer. I joined the Super Siblings volunteer team earlier this year and have LOVED creating images and videos for the kids, keeping everyone connected through lockdown and beyond. My daughter also attends Thursday SS sessions and adores her time with Sophie and the other children. Super Siblings has transformed her life! xxx

  • Volunteering at Super Siblings is amazing! The sessions are very well organised and packed with activities for the children and it’s wonderful to see them all come together as a group from different families but with one thing in common. There is a great atmosphere and the children really show respect for one another and really appreciate the time and space we provide.

    Jacqueline Burchell 
  • Volunteering for super siblings has been truly amazing in every way. To see the super siblings attending sessions every week and to see how happy they are to be there was such a special feeling, and being apart of something that was making such a difference to the children themselves but also their familys as a whole. Super siblings is a charity that is so needed and delivers a service that is magical. The children feel happy, safe and have fun whilst being in a place to make friends who have similar experiences which they enjoy sharing with one another. It really is an honour to be apart of super siblings and I am so excited to watch the charity grow and reach many more families far and wide.

    Katie Attew 

Want to get involved?

If you’d like to join the incredible team at Super Siblings or you’d like to show your support in any other way, do get in touch to find out more.